You might not realize it, but you could be wasting a lot of energy and money if you set your thermostat incorrectly. Here are five of the most common thermostat mistakes people make in Danville, KY.

1. Not Setting the Correct Temperature

One of the most common thermostat mistakes is not setting the temperature correctly. Set the temperature at 78 degrees in summer and 68 degrees in winter. Also, adjust the temperatures when you leave for work or vacation.

2. Not Using the Auto Setting

If your thermostat has an auto setting, use it. This setting will automatically adjust the temperature based on the time of day and whether or not anyone is home. This can save you a lot of money on your energy bill and HVAC repairs.

3. Not Scheduling Regular Maintenance

Like any other appliance in your home, your thermostat needs regular maintenance to function properly. Schedule an annual tune-up for your thermostat with a qualified HVAC technician. Failure to do so could result in your thermostat not working properly.

4. Turning Off AC System Instead of Using Setback Temperature

Setback temperature is a feature on most thermostats that allows you to lower the temperature when you are away from home for an extended period. This can save you money on your energy bill. However, many people make the mistake of turning off their AC systems entirely instead of using the setback temperature feature.

5. Failure to Use Instruction Manuals

An instruction manual or troubleshooting guide provides information that can be very helpful when using and maintaining your thermostat. Many people never bother to read these manuals and make common mistakes. If you have any questions about your thermostat, consult the instruction manual before taking action.

Avoid these thermostat mistakes to save money on your energy bill. If you have questions about your thermostat, contact Feistritzer Heating & Air Conditioning. Our qualified HVAC technicians will help you resolve any mistakes you might be making with your thermostat.

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