A blower motor is a part of the HVAC system that moves conditioned air through the house’s vents. It makes sure that the thermostat’s temperature is often reached by circulating the conditioned air throughout the indoor spaces. Here are three signs of a bad blower and options for repair in Stanford, KY.

1. High Energy Bills

A blower motor is part of the HVAC system that consumes the most energy. An aging or dirty blower motor will need to work extra hard to circulate the conditioned air throughout the indoor space properly. Consider using a smart variable speed model if your blower motor has aged or you are using a single-speed blower motor.

2. Overheating

Dirt can gather on the blower motor, triggering heat to form over time. A burning smell from the vents accompanied by a system shutdown is one of the signs of overheating in the blower motor. You can get a professional technician to service your blower motor and avoid overheating, giving your home increased indoor air quality as well.

3. Strange Sounds

Strange sounds coming out of your HVAC system may be a sign of a problem in the blower motor. A technician usually repairs some of the issues that cause unusual sounds; however, some problems may require the blower motor replaced.

A squealing sound may mean that the blower motor has a bad bearing or belt that the technician usually fixes by changing the belt or greasing the bearings. Loud sounds that are banging may be a sign of damage that indicates a need to replace the entire blower motor. A trained technician needs to inspect your blower motor and recommend if it needs repair or replacement.

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