The climate challenges we face around Danville, Kentucky, area make our AC systems work hard, requiring the need for regular check-ups. Strange odors from your AC system may be a warning of a potential problem. Here are three strange AC odors and what they mean.

Musty Stale Odors

These can be caused by the return air picking up common household smells from dirty laundry, pets, and more. Cigarette smoke can be a problem, infusing AC components with lingering odors. Change your system filters every few months as needed. Spraying bleach on condensate lines can help clean them. Leaves or debris should not cover air vents. Circulating fresh air into the system can also help.

Burning Odors

An odor similar to gunpowder can indicate damaged or failed electrical components like switches or circuit boards. Other burning odors can indicate overheating, such as with the motor, belts, or other moving parts. If you smell something burning, turn off your unit and contact an AC repair service immediately. When you turn on your system at the start of the season, you could smell dust burning off the equipment. In this case, there’s nothing to worry about and the smell will clear fairly quickly.

Oil and Gas Odors

Oil odors are often the result of fluid leaks, bad seals, faulty valves, or damaged lines. Pungent, rotten odors can be caused by a dead rodent or another animal that requires removal. Natura\l gas is normally odorless but fuel supply companies add odorizers that make gas leaks smell similar to rotten eggs. If you suspect a natural or propane gas leak, you should immediately contact a professional for help and evacuate the building until you know it’s safe to return.

The number one thing that can be done to prevent AC odors is to get on a regular maintenance schedule. A good program is proactive, efficient, and affordable. During a maintenance check-up, technicians can eliminate most problems before they ever occur. That means fresher, healthier air for you and your family.

AC odors can be a real nuisance; they don’t have to be. Feistritzer Heating & Air Conditioning is here to help you get your home smelling fresh. Sign up today for one of our preventive maintenance services or call us at (859) 236-0850 and we’ll handle the rest.

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