The summer and winter months can be hard on your energy costs in Lancaster, KY. Finding ways to reduce those numbers while retaining your comfort levels can be tricky. The many ways upgrading to a smart thermostat can help you achieve that goal and more will surprise you.

1. Increased Efficiency

A smart thermostat is able to respond to multiple inputs and make decisions that utilize your system in the most efficient way possible. Combined with the proper sensors, it can respond to outside temperatures or indoor humidity and adjust accordingly. A smart thermostat controls your HVAC system with balance and precision.

2. Multiple Zone Control

A multi-zoned system has no better friend than a smart thermostat. It can sense if a zone has occupants or if it’s empty and alter the zone control in response. You will no longer waste money heating or cooling rooms while they aren’t in use.

3. Stay Connected

Smart thermostats connect to your home’s Wi-Fi, making them accessible from anywhere. If you head off to vacation and forget to set your home for an extended absence, you need not worry. You can just pull up the app on your phone and change the settings while sipping your favorite cocktail on the beach.

4. Use It as Your Smart House Hub

The processing power of your smart thermostat is impressive and can control more than just your heating and cooling. You can install it to use as the hub for all smart fixtures in your home. From dimming the lights to locking your doors and controlling your security system, your smart thermostat can handle it all.

Call us today at Feistritzer Heating & Air Conditioning to install your new smart thermostat anywhere in the Lancaster, KY, area. Our well-trained technicians are experts on the installation and integration of smart thermostats into your home system.

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