Fresh, clean air is one of the advantages of living in a quaint place like Danville, Kentucky. No matter where you live, however, don’t count on clean air extending inside your home or place of business. Even if you clean regularly and keep your HVAC system well-maintained, indoor air quality is an ever-present concern. Among the most troubling hazards are airborne viruses and bacteria.

The Dangers of Airborne Pathogens

You don’t have to be a doctor to know that viruses and bacteria aren’t great for your health. They’re often found on contaminated surfaces, but you may not realize they can also easily become airborne. Once in the air, these pathogens are known to cause influenza, colds, tuberculosis and a variety of other health conditions.

Advanced Filtration With Air Cleaners

The most insidious aspect of airborne pathogens is that you likely aren’t even aware of them. That means it’s best to take a proactive approach to prevent and remove them before they can make you sick. One effective way to do this is by installing an air cleaner system. Air cleaners use sophisticated filtration methods to remove more than 99% of the airborne particles from your home or business.

Improved Air Quality With Ventilation

If you know the air outdoors is fresh and clean, why not take advantage of it? A ventilator helps you do just that. Proper ventilation balances the airflow through your home by exhausting stale, polluted indoor air and refreshing it with outdoor air. This helps remove pathogens and other airborne contaminants before they can cause problems. It also keeps your humidity levels in check. This is important because pathogens tend to thrive in warm, humid spaces. In fact, it’s best to keep your indoor relative humidity in the range of 30% to around 60%.

The air inside your home or business shouldn’t be making anyone sick. Without a solid air quality plan in place, however, that’s exactly what can happen. To see how you can keep your air fresher and healthier, check out Feistritzer Heating & Air Conditioning’s indoor air quality solutions or call (859) 236-0850.

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