If you’re going to invest in a new smart thermostat, it’s important to be aware of the wealth of benefits it can bring. It might have the ability to help you become more efficient in your home, but that doesn’t mean you should just turn it on and forget about it. Read along as we divulge ways to get the most out of your smart thermostat to improve your HVAC efficiency in Lancaster, KY.

Schedule Your Thermostat to Match Your Daily Routine

You’ll save money and energy when you schedule your thermostat to match your daily routine. You can ensure that your cooling system is running when it’s most cost-effective for you to use it. Smart thermostats allow you to set a schedule for how often your HVAC system turns on and off.

Use the “Away” or “Vacation” Settings on Your Thermostat

When you set your thermostat on “away,” you’ll use less energy when you aren’t home and can save your home from heating or cooling the rooms unnecessarily. The vacation setting also turns off the heating/cooling system when you leave for a vacation or other trip. In this case, however, it means that the thermostat will automatically adjust temperatures in response to changes in outside temperature.

Temperature Settings for Different Rooms

The first thing to consider when you’re working with a smart thermostat is how your HVAC system works. Some of them may allow for different settings in different rooms. Therefore, it’s important to research those settings and ensure you understand what they mean.

This can save energy because less heat or less cold air gets used during non-occupied hours. It also makes sense financially because you will spend less money on heating or cooling in those hours.

Leverage a Smart Thermostat to Improve Your HVAC Efficiency

Instead of changing the entire HVAC system, refurbish your HVAC by adding an efficient smart thermostat. The high-tech touchscreen smart thermostats can save you energy and money with just a few clicks. Contact us at Feistritzer Heating & Air Conditioning company in Lancaster, KY, to learn more about ways you can improve your HVAC efficiency with a smart thermostat.

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