When it comes to your air conditioner, a proactive approach is best. If your system is misbehaving, the problem will only get worse. Call a Harrodsburg, KY HVAC professional for air conditioning services right away. The symptoms listed below are serious. Without prompt attention, they can tear up your system and cost you more money than you care to spend.

Water Leaks

Beware of liquid pooling around your air conditioner’s indoor unit. It probably means that the condensate drain line is clogged with slime. Clogs prevent air conditioners from draining out the moisture they extract from indoor air. Blockages are not serious if caught early. If ignored, they can cause a lot of trouble. Ceiling leaks, drywall damage, electrical fire hazards, frozen cooling coils, high indoor humidity, and other consequences can result.

Refrigerant Leaks

Without refrigerant, your air conditioner cannot cool your home. Besides puddles around the indoor unit, there might be warm air pouring from your vents. You could hear hissing or gurgling noises or discover that your cooling coil has frozen. Refrigerant is toxic and can create a health hazard. If not addressed quickly, refrigerant leaks can cause serious compressor damage, expensive AC repairs, or even an AC replacement.

Unsettling Noises

Older units can be noisy by nature, but any unusual sounds should be investigated at once. Banging or rattling can mean loose or broken parts, while clanking can indicate compressor malfunctions. Squealing can be caused by a damaged blower motor or fan motor, while clicking can indicate an electrical problem. If you hear screaming, there might be a refrigerant leak. In that case, your air conditioner may shut down to prevent high internal pressure from building up inside the compressor.

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