From installing proven equipment to scheduling routine maintenance, there are plenty of things you can do to avoid furnace malfunctions. Unfortunately, it’s just not possible to prevent them entirely. With that in mind, it’s useful to be able to recognize some common ways your furnace can go haywire. In particular, certain mechanical issues require prompt furnace repairs from a professional heating service technician in the Danville, KY area.

Faulty Furnace Blower

Your furnace’s blower motor serves a vital purpose, ensuring that heated air gets circulated where it’s needed in your home. As with any motor, the blower is prone to wearing out or malfunctioning over time. One clear sign of a blower failure is the sudden loss of airflow from your vents. Even if the air is still circulating, a high-pitched whine often indicates a blower motor that’s failing and needs attention. A grinding or vibrating noise may indicate that the motor mount holding the blower assembly is loose or broken.

Blower Belt Issues

Even if the blower motor itself is working properly, that doesn’t necessarily mean everything is okay. For belt-drive motors, the blower belt is another common cause of mechanical issues. It can easily slip off its pulleys if it becomes loose, frayed or otherwise damaged. A frayed or slipping belt typically causes high-pitched squeaking or squealing sounds that may be constant or intermittent. To address this, you should have a service technician inspect and adjust or replace your belt.

Worn Bearings

Scraping, screeching or rattling sounds are warning signs that are usually hard to miss. More often than not, these obnoxious noises are caused by bearings that are loose, worn or not sufficiently lubricated. Bearings are used to reduce friction and help your blower motor components move more freely. When they wear out or their lubrication breaks down, these components may experience a great deal of friction. This can make your furnace less efficient, impact its heating ability or even grind it to a halt.

Regardless of the underlying cause, any signs of mechanical issues should be taken seriously. If you suspect a problem, shut your furnace down and call (859) 236-0850 for Feistritzer Heating & Air Conditioning’s premier furnace repairs.

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