The AC air handler blows the cooled, dehumidified air through the air ducts and into your home’s living spaces. During the long, hot, and humid summers, the air handler delivers comfortable air to every corner of your home. Let’s take a look at some of the reasons why you should upgrade your Danville, KY home’s AC air handler.

Lower Energy Costs

New AC air handlers offer optimal energy efficiency. According to Energy Star, their operating costs are up to 15% lower compared to air handlers that are 10 to 12 years old. You could save a significant amount of money on your summertime electricity bills after upgrading your air handler.

Improve Indoor Comfort

Older air handling units lose efficiency after many years of use. Upgrading to a newer unit ensures that your home’s temperature will be consistent from one room to the next. Upgrading your AC air handler minimizes air leakage and ensures that all the cold air reaches your living space.

Maintain Humidity Control

Poor humidity control is a top reason for upgrading your AC air handler. An air handler with a faster rate of airflow and variable-speed fan will do a better job at maintaining the ideal 30% to 50% indoor humidity level during the summertime.

Enhance Indoor Air Quality

Upgrading your AC air handler could enhance your home’s air quality. New air handlers are designed to minimize dust and allergen intrusion into the system. They also use HVAC filters with high minimum efficiency reported value (MERV) ratings. These filters trap particles as tiny as viruses.

Add Convenience

Today’s air handlers have built-in smart features that add convenience to your life. You can remotely control them through an app on your phone. They also offer touch-screen interfaces to program fan speed, humidity level, and other functions.

For more information about replacing your AC air handler, take a look at Feistritzer Heating & Air Conditioning’s advanced HVAC products, or get in touch with us today.

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