During the hot and humid summer months of the year, your Danville, KY, home’s air conditioner works hard in order to maintain indoor comfort. The outdoor unit contains the system’s compressor, which is responsible for circulating and applying energy to the refrigerant. Be aware of these signs that your AC compressor may be in trouble.

No or Insufficient Cooling

Damaged or failing compressors are unable to properly control the flow of refrigerant. This means that the refrigerant won’t be able to absorb as much heat and humidity from your home’s air. You’ll notice that your home is too warm and humid. The air conditioning system may cycle constantly, but it won’t make much of a difference to your home’s temperature. This could lead to a high electricity bill. Warm air blowing from your vents is another sure sign that your AC compressor will soon need to be repaired or replaced by an expert service technician.


Short-cycling is when the air conditioning system shuts off and turns on again within one minute. It may occur due to a low refrigerant level, frozen evaporator coil, dirty air filter, or improper air conditioning size. A problem with the electrical controls can also result in short-cycling, explains the Department of Energy. All the turning off and on wears out the compressor. If you notice short cycles, the compressor could malfunction any time.

Loud Noises

Compressors have sealed bearings. If they break or seize, you’ll hear grinding sounds. Leaky compressor bearings often make squealing sounds during a cooling cycle. A loud banging or clanging noise from the outdoor unit could mean that part of the compressor broke, came loose or is off-balance. In most cases, the entire compressor will need to be replaced by an expert service technician.

To learn more about the signs of AC compressor problems, check out Feistritzer Heating & Air Conditioning’s air conditioning repair services, or call our expert service technician for additional info.

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