The HVAC industry continues to evolve and perhaps one of the greatest leaps forward involves HVAC thermostats. These devices have gone from basic non-programmable thermostats to connected controls that harness Wi-Fi capability. Advanced thermostat technology brings a whole new level of comfort to your Harrodsburg, KY home.

Improved Energy Efficiency

Heating and cooling constitute nearly half of your home’s energy use. As the command center of your HVAC system, Wi-Fi HVAC thermostats automatically adjust the temperature based on whether you’re home sleeping or away at the office. This feature helps you recover up to $180 a year in energy savings. By analyzing your lifestyle habits, Wi-Fi thermostats can identify additional energy-saving opportunities, helping you save even more.

Better Comfort Control

Wi-Fi thermostats enable you to create zones that can be controlled independently based on your schedule. If you find your schedule changes, you can adjust temperature settings from your tablet or smartphone wherever you are. With connected controls, there’s no more wilting in the heat waiting for your AC to cool down your home — refreshing comfort is waiting when you walk in the door.

Increased Safety and Convenience

With today’s busy lifestyles, HVAC maintenance typically doesn’t rank high on your mental list of things to remember. Wi-Fi thermostats send you a reminder when it’s time to change filters, schedule service, or when a more serious problem develops.

They also up the convenience factor by delivering comfort on demand. Make changes with a touch of a fingertip on any internet-connected device, or you can opt for a voice-controlled model.

The latest generation of HVAC thermostats has many benefits that older thermostats lack. To learn more, check out the selection of connected controls we offer at Feistritzer Heating & Air Conditioning or give us a call. Our Service Technicians are NATE-certified professionals and are happy to help you find out whether Wi-Fi thermostats are right for your home.

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