If it’s time to replace your current AC installation or you have been considering an upgrade to a more energy efficient and environmentally friendly unit, a variable speed air conditioner is a wise choice. These units represent the latest advancements in air conditioning technology. In addition to requiring less energy to run, they maintain a consistent temperature in your  Danville, home and improve air quality. The result is an increase in comfort while saving you money.

Lower Energy Bills

Traditional, single stage compressors alternate between running full blast and not running at all. An AC installation with a variable speed compressor runs continuously, increasing output when necessary to counter high outdoor temperatures and running at a low speed to maintain a home’s proper temperature. Because a variable speed air conditioner isn’t constantly alternating between high speed and no speed, it uses far less energy than single speed compressors. Even if your current AC unit is only 10 years old, a modern, energy efficient unit can lower your energy costs by as much as 40%.

Improved Comfort

Older AC installations often cause certain parts of a home to be uncomfortably cold when the full blast of cool air turns on. Variable speed air conditioners avoid this by maintaining a comfortable temperature at a low speed. The blast of cool air is replaced by a more consistent, cool ambiance. And because variable speed compressors are always running, dehumidified cool air is constantly circulating through the system’s filters. This drastically reduces particulates in the air and helps prevent organic growth. The reduction in humidity will also allow you to feel comfortable at a higher thermostat setting, again reducing cooling costs.

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