If a home builder or remodeler suggested using one central faucet to regulate water usage in your home, you would quickly point out that the idea doesn’t make sense. Why waste water in the bathroom when you only need it in the kitchen? Most Junction City, KY homeowners, however, don’t realize they’re applying the same concept to their heating and air conditioning.

In typical ducted systems, one thermostat controls the temperature throughout your home, leading to fluctuating temperatures and uncomfortable hot and cold spots. Fortunately, there’s a solution: ductless AC and home zoning.

What is Home Zoning?

Home zoning creates customized temperatures for each zone, or area, in your home. A Trane ductless AC system is the ideal solution for home zoning because individual thermostats control each indoor air handler unit. You can cool each zone based on your specific needs at any given time.

Benefits of Ductless AC Home Zoning

The primary benefits of using ductless AC for home zoning are increased comfort and decreased operating cost. As conditioned air flows through ductwork, it seeps out through cracks and leaks. The money you spent cooling the air seeps out with it. Ductwork also warms the air as it passes through.

By the time the air reaches your back bedroom, it’s lukewarm, not refreshing. You’re left lowering the thermostat to get the coolness you want, which makes your AC unit work harder and consume more energy.

Ductless units deliver cooled air directly into each room, eliminating the energy lost through ductwork. Individual thermostats let you set one temperature for an unused guest room and another for the family room. Hot and cold spots — along with high fuel bills — disappear.

To learn more about how ductless AC and home zoning helps you control your comfort and eliminate wasteful energy loss, check out the ductless HVAC services we offer at Feistritzer Heating & Air Conditioning or give us a call today.

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