You shouldn’t wait for a complete breakdown to call for professional furnace repair services. There are some early signs of trouble that will tell you it’s time to have your system inspected by a qualified heating contractor. When you catch the problem early, you may prevent an emergency service call that leaves you shivering in the coldest weather here in Danville, KY.

Signs You Need Furnace Repair Services

High energy bills are often the first sign that you need furnace repair services. Many homeowners complain about the rising cost of electricity when the real problem is their furnace. Imagine paying bills that get higher and higher every winter without realizing that an HVAC contractor could fix your furnace and lower those bills significantly. It happens more often than you may realize. Now is the time to have your furnace inspected if your bills are on the rise. Other signs that your furnace may need repair include the following:

  • Burning smell from vents
  • Unexplained squealing, screeching, scraping, other noises
  • Reduced airflow from vents
  • Poor air quality
  • Abnormal furnace smells

Do You Need a Repair or Replacement?

A qualified heating contractor will inspect your HVAC system to identify parts that may need replacing and other potential problems. Some issues are easily handled with part replacements or professional cleanings. In other cases, the option to replace the system may be more financially sound in the long term. For instance, you may decide to replace a furnace that is routinely breaking down. Older furnaces that no longer run efficiently are often cheaper to replace than continue repairing, especially if you count the reduction in energy bills that will last for years.

Schedule Your Furnace Repair Services Today

Feistritzer Heating & Air Conditioning is a Trane Comfort Specialist, and our technicians are NATE-certified, so you can rest assured that we’ll get the job done right the first time. If you’re concerned about the efficiency or functionality of your furnace, learn more about our furnace repair services online or give us a call.

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